Building a New Home That is Best for Your Current (and Future) Family Members

25 March 2020
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Family planning can also involve real estate. Whether your first child's arrival is imminent or the latest addition to your family has already appeared (and you plan for there to be more), you're going to need more room. Your kids will need their own space, both inside and outside, and what about when they start bugging you for a dog? If you've been considering building your own home, your new living space should be designed with your growing family in mind. Read More 

Why Use a Local Residential Drafting Service?

5 February 2020
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You can draft professional plans for your new home in various ways. Your architect may offer a drafting service or you can use a specialist drafter. In some cases, people use overseas companies to do this job. After all, plans harness technology such as CAD design that can be created remotely; you can communicate with your drafter online or over the phone. While it may initially seem cheaper to outsource the job to a different country, this has other costs that could negatively affect your project. Read More 

How to Deal with Steeply Sloping Terrain on Your Property

14 December 2019
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If you have bought a property that sits on naturally undulating land, you may be happy with your acquisition as it certainly has some additional style and character. Yet you may have to think about its practicality and especially if you have slopes that are quite steep. What can you do to take full advantage of your outdoor space and protect your investment at the same time? Potential Problems One of the biggest issues associated with steeply sloping land is run-off. Read More 

Signs That You Should Repair Your Gearbox

27 November 2019
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The gearbox plays an essential role in the power transmission of a vehicle. It is also one of the most expensive parts whose damage can cause fatal impacts. For this reason, you should always ensure that the gearbox is healthy to prevent future problems and expenses. Here is a simple guide of the deadly warning signs which imply your gearbox is at fault. Slipping gears A normal gear should remain in its position until you select it. Read More 

How to Install a Heavy-Duty Trench Drain to Deal with Flooding

23 October 2019
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Do you have ongoing drainage issues on your property? If so, your house may be set on some undulating land, and there may be a tendency for heavy rainwater to accumulate in one area, leading to issues when not addressed. As you often find that the water tends to head for your paved driveway before it has a chance to sink into the ground, you do need to come up with a drainage solution that is tailored towards the problem. Read More