Simple Tips for Making Your Veranda More Comfortable Overall

14 November 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A veranda, by definition, is a porch with a roof, and which usually has a railing of some sort. Having a veranda can be a very good choice for any home, as you can enjoy the outdoors while still getting some shade and protection from hot summertime sun and other weather elements. However, just having a veranda doesn't mean you'll enjoy your outdoor space; note a few simple tips for enhancing that space and making it more comfortable and enjoyable overall.


Privacy from your neighbours can also mean less bothersome noise reaching your seating area, so consider thick outdoor curtains you can attach to the veranda roof. If curtains would be too much work for their installation and consistent cleaning, use large potted plants you can line up along the sides of your veranda. These can obscure the view and also absorb some sound and noise, while adding some greenery to the space.

You might also consider roller shades that are attached to the roof, or outdoor blinds. These provide privacy from the neighbours and protect you from glare and heat during summer months.

Insect repellent

If you want to sit out on your veranda at night but are bothered by mosquitoes, add catnip or citronella plants to your veranda, as the natural scent of these plants often repel mosquitoes. You can also place large citronella candles around the veranda, ensuring they're safely away from wood railings and posts. Crushed bay leaves and lavender may also work, so stock up on these and add them to bowls you keep on the patio furniture or railing.


If you store lawn care tools and other unsightly items on the veranda, this can make the space seem unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Investing in an attractive outdoor storage unit can help to hide those items away; a tall wood cabinet can coordinate with the wood of the veranda flooring, and you can place potted plants on the top of the cabinet to soften its look.

Maintain it

Nothing is more unattractive than peeling paint, rusted metal railings, or chips and nicks in surfaces on a veranda. Use a paint sprayer to make quick work of repainting the veranda ceiling, or at least hose it down every year, to remove cobwebs and dirt. Tightening bolts and connectors can also mean railings that are not wobbly or uneven, and a can of wood putty can be all that's needed to fill in dents and holes in the veranda floor and steps.