Earthmoving Project: Selecting Suitable Attachments for Your Excavation Work

14 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are planning on performing some excavation work on your property, it is essential for you to acquire the right attachments for the projects. In simple terms, the excavator is a versatile machine which can perform an extensive range of tasks. However, the capabilities will depend on the type of earthmoving accessory which is attached to the main equipment. If you are hiring an excavator for the first time, you should consider this short guide on the common attachments before making your purchase.


Excavation buckets are designed for general digging and trenching processes. Therefore, this attachment is the standard choice for most earthmoving applications. In most cases, a simple bucket made from hard steel is sufficient for construction and landscaping work. However, if the worksite is rocky, you should inquire about the availability of heavy-duty buckets such as those with tougher teeth. Also, you should choose a bucket with sufficient volume for digging with maximum efficiency.


If you are interested in boring holes during your excavation project, you should think about acquiring an auger attachment. In general, this accessory will offer maximum digging strength and it can be used in projects involving erection of post and poles, among other projects. If your work site has soft ground, you can select a standard excavator auger for the digging. However, if the ground is hard and you want to dig deeper, you should look for an auger with tungsten teeth.


If you are planning on breaking the ground or other surface during your earthmoving project, you should ensure that you have a breaker attachment for the work. The breaker is similar to a jackhammer and it has the capability to perform tough tasks such as breaking concrete and stone. You should note that the impact strength of various breakers can vary significantly. Therefore, you should evaluate the hardness of your substrate to be broken and the products in the market before making a decision.

Grading Blade

You should think about acquiring a grading blade attachment for your excavation project. In general, when you perform earthmoving work on a specific worksite, the area will become messy and difficult to handle during other tasks such as construction and landscaping. With a grading blade, you will be able to smooth out the rough areas, ensuring optimal ease during other processes.

Choosing the most suitable excavator attachments can be a challenging process. Therefore, you should consult your earthmoving contractors for professional guidance on hiring the right accessories for your tasks.