What's Included in a Home Builder's Job Description?

14 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

As more and more Australians decide to build new homes for their families, home builders are fast becoming one of the most highly sought after construction professionals in Australia. Generally speaking, the job of a home builder is to coordinate and supervise all tasks required to construct a new house to completion. Hence, home builders are essentially house construction project managers. 

If you're thinking about hiring a home builder to manage the construction of your new house, knowing about the responsibilities of the builder beforehand can lead to a better appreciation of the work they do. Keep reading on below to learn about some top responsibilities that new home builders generally execute to ensure successful completion of house construction jobs.

Getting building permits.

Local building departments come up with building codes that must be strictly followed when constructing new houses. These building departments are also responsible for reviewing house plans and issuing building permits required to commence construction on a property. A home builder will submit all house plans and other paperwork required to apply for a building permit. They will follow through with the application until a permit is issued, granting legal consent to begin construction on the project.

Scheduling work. 

Building a house ground up is quite a big project. In fact, it is the biggest project most people will undertake in their lifetime. For that reason, proper planning is critical. In this regard, a home builder plans how the various project activities will be performed from start to finish, with schedule timelines in mind. 

Procurement of building supplies.

Purchasing quality building materials is critical to the successful execution of any construction job. Though clients can acquire building materials themselves, a home builder can help their clients obtain the necessary materials more cost-efficiently. As insiders in the construction industry, home builders are better placed to find the best deals on building materials and supplies. 

Managing the construction team.

Another vital item on a home builder's job description is organising and supervising workers at the construction site. This involves coordinating workers dealing in related trades such as plumbers and electricians. They also liaise with other construction professionals such as building inspectors to ensure the construction process is carried out according to applicable building codes.

With a home builder at your service, you'll be able to rest assured knowing that all key aspects of your house construction project are being handled by a professional. The great thing about hiring these construction professionals is that they will keep you updated on the status of your project until its completion.