Reasons Why a Land Survey Is Critical Prior to Construction

15 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Most people who purchase a property are looking to develop it for either their personal use or for profit. Thus, there are numerous factors that you would have to deliberate on ranging from hiring an architect, construction contractors and more. However, some people make the mistake of underrating the importance of a land survey as they assume they can begin construction as long as they have their plans in place. Here is a brief list of reasons why it would be critical to have a land survey performed before construction.

Land surveys help in construction preparation

Before you decide on the floorplans of your new property, you would have to consult with industry professionals such as structural engineers as well as architectural specialists who would guide you on what would be the best design suited for your needs. Similarly, it would be essential to consult with a land surveyor so they can educate you on the inherent potential of your piece of land. Knowing this potential gives you clarity on where your structure should be placed on the property and what type of site preparation would be required. Land surveys can even help you make the most of orientation to ensure that your property is energy efficient.

Land surveys provide accurate demarcation of boundaries

If you have bought property on land that already has some degree of development occurring on other lots, you will likely know where your precise boundary lines are. However, if you purchase property on an empty lot that is yet to developed, it can be harder to pinpoint exactly where your land ends and where your neighbours' properties begin. It would be advisable to have a land survey performed to prevent undue problems down the road regarding blurred property lines. The land surveyor will take definite measurements of your property to ensure accurate boundary construction. Thus, you are less lily to engage in any boundary line disputes with your neighbours down the road.

Land surveys can help determine the potential property value

If you did not purchase the property, but instead it was given to you either as a gift or via inheritance, you may be unsure of what the property is worth. Consulting with a land surveyor would be a great step toward knowing the worth of your property as well as the potential value once you begin developing it. The surveyor will take into account aspects such as the location of the property, natural features on the property as well as the construction that will be underway and come up with an estimate on what it could be worth if you decide to sell.