7 Safety Tips for Using a Scissor Lift

18 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A scissor lift makes working at heights easier, but you need to exercise caution with this type of hire equipment. In particular, here are seven essential safety rules to keep in mind while using a scissor lift.

1. Make Sure the Ground Is Level

Before setting up the scissor lift, make sure the ground where you plan to use it is level. The lift may tip if the ground is not level. That could injure workers on the lift or on the ground near the lift.

2. Don't Operate in High Winds

Winds can also blow your scissor lift over or make it less stable. When you hire a scissor lift, always find out what the maximum wind speeds are. Most manufacturers put out a rating, and you shouldn't use the scissor lift if wind speeds are higher than that. Err on the side of caution, and make sure the highest gusts of the day are within the safe range.

3. Watch the Load Rating

In addition to checking the wind rating, also double check how much weight the scissor lift can hold. If you're worried that you're getting close to that level, weigh workers and equipment before loading up the scissor lift.

4. Set Up the Guardrail

Before sending anyone up on the scissor lift, make sure the guardrail is firmly attached. The guardrail is an essential safety part of a scissor lift, and if you want to avoid injuries, this part needs to be set up correctly.

5. Position the Scissor Lift Close to the Work Area

However, the guardrail isn't a cure-all in terms of safety. If someone leans out too far over the guardrail, they risk toppling over the rail and onto the ground below. To minimise this risk, always position the scissor lift as close to the work surface as possible.

6. Don't Run Anything Under the Scissor Lift

Once the scissor lift has been extended, make sure not to put anything underneath it. Don't use that area to place work supplies or equipment. Also don't run cords through that area. The lift could get caught on those items as you attempt to move it up and down, and that could also lead to accidents or injuries.

7. Be Careful With Other Equipment

If you have hired other equipment, be careful when using it around your scissor lift. Don't accidentally bump into the scissor lift with the other equipment. That can also cause people to fall off the scissor lift.