Top 4 Practices for Safe Demolition

18 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Demolition work is inherently dangerous. Without proper safety protocols in place, safety hazards may occur, leading to injury, illness and even death. Such safety hazards may arise due to unsafe conditions onsite, use of heavy machinery, exposure to harmful building materials and sharp, protruding objects, etc. The best way to ensure that demolition jobs are performed in a safe manner is to hire certified demolition contractors. These construction professionals are trained, skilled and experienced in handling demolition work and will put in place the measures necessary to ensure optimal safety of all demolition workers. 

Read on below to learn about some safety precautions that demolition companies or contractors can take to ensure worker safety when performing demolition projects:

Use of competent personnel. As already mentioned, demolition work is inherently dangerous, so it is important to only involve employees that are trained and experienced in performing the job. Qualified employees will be well-versed with the dangers they will be exposed to, and they will also know what work procedures to follow to ensure they stay safe onsite. 

Provision of protective equipment. When carrying out demolition jobs, it is vital to provide all employees with the necessary safety paraphernalia. Your employees must be well-trained on the proper use of the safety equipment. Employees that know when and how to use the personal protective equipment provided to them will significantly reduce chances of workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths occurring.

Performing a final sweep. Before demolition work can commence, it is important to assign a team to carry out a final sweep, which is meant to ensure that everyone is safe and out of the building. The final sweep also involves ensuring there are no unauthorised persons at the site and that those present onsite are wearing the requisite safety gear. In addition, proper channels of communication should be established prior to commencement of demolition work.

Performing post-demolition clean-up. This involves clearing demolition debris from the jobsite so as to eliminate potential safety hazards. All employees responsible for cleaning up the demolition site must put on protective gear so as to protect themselves from dangerous materials and objects. Such equipment may include dust masks, work boots and sturdy gloves. It is also vital to ensure that unauthorised persons are kept out of from a demolition site for their own safety.

These and other safety measures go a long way in ensuring that demolition is carried out in a safe manner. Safe demolition ensures both clients and contractors stay happy!