Troubleshooting for Problems With Mechanical Pool Pump Timers

18 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A pool pump timer is a device that helps pool owners save on the energy costs for operating a pool by prescribing when the pool pump should start and stop running. This helps to limit the operations of a pool pump to only when pool owners want it to run. Pool pump timers can be digital, mechanical or computerised. If you're using a mechanical pool pump timer, here's a rundown on possible issues you may need to check if you realise your pool timer is not functioning normally: 

Check for the power supply.

Your pool timer may simply not function as a result of power supply issues. An easy and quick fix would be to ensure that power supply is turned on. If the power source is turned on yet the timer is not receiving electricity, it could be that you have faulty wiring, bad circuit breaker, or you're facing other electrical problems. For dial timers, for example, you will need to check the positions of the dials and confirm if there is positional change after a few hours. If the dials changes position, the issue is not with the power supply. If the position of the dials remains unchanged, the timer may not be receiving electricity. Have a professional pool pump repairer check it out. 

Check the pool timer's circuit breaker.

Unless your pool timer's circuit is complete, it will not function. If the circuit breaker is off, you can get your pool timer back running by simply turning it back on. If your timer doesn't work, then you may be faced with more complex issues. 

Resetting the timer for a more accurate timing.

Consider resetting your pool timer's clock if you've been experiencing power interruptions or if the electricity has been off. Or else, your pool pump is likely to operate at unscheduled hours. First, locate the time indicator bar and set it to the correct time. Thereafter, locate the start and stop pins also known as 'on' and 'off' pins, and slowly untighten the screw holding the 'off' pin to allow adjusting to the correct time. Also, loosen the 'on' pin screw and set the time when the pump should begin working. Lastly, re-tighten the screws back into place.

Even though pool timers do not eliminate every element of manual pool controls, it saves time and ensures optimal performance of the pool pump. Therefore, ensuring your timer works at peak efficiency all the time is critical for everyday pool operation.