Would Roller Shutters Be More Advantageous Than French Doors?

19 December 2017
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French doors have been a favourite aesthetic for Australian homes as they allow maximum light into the house, forging the appearance of indoor-outdoor living. Nonetheless, French doors do have a few drawbacks to your home. Thus, if you would like to install new doors leading out to your balcony or backyard, you may want to consider roller shutters. Read on for reasons why roller shutters could be more advantageous to your residence as compared to French doors. 

Roller shutters allow for increased weather protection

When it comes to protecting your premises from the inclement weather patterns, some people may associate this with keeping precipitation out of their house. However, this is not the only protection that you would need. French doors may be famed for enhanced natural light illumination, but this also translates into your home being susceptible to ultraviolet radiation. Over time, the interiors of your home steadily begin to suffer as they succumb to fading and discolouration. You could also find that the direct exposure to sunrays would cause hardwood flooring to crack, warp and steadily become brittle.

Roller shutters provide you with all-around weather protection as they also function to keep the UV rays out of your house. When the sun is high, you can tilt the shutters at an angle to control the amount of light in your home while minimising direct exposure from the sun. Moreover, the shutters also help in blocking radiant heat, without compromising the amount of light inside your home, which translates into comfortable interior temperatures.

Roller shutters minimise the risk of break-ins

Another reason why roller shutters would be a more suitable solution for your home over French windows is the increased degree of security they provide. French doors may provide you with unobstructed views of the outdoors, but this also translates into unobstructed views of the interior of your home. Any potential burglars would have an easy job of scoping your residence to determine if there would be goods worth stealing. Not to mention that since French doors are made of glass, they would be vulnerable to security breaches through breakage.

Roller shutters, on the other hand, are designed to fit flush against your walls. Once locked, they are challenging to open from the outside, which would act as a suitable deterrent against intruders. Moreover, having your roller shutters closed when away would give you peace of mind that outsiders would not be able to see into your home.