Should You Polish Your Concrete Slab Flooring?

26 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your concrete floors have started to appear worse for wear, you may be considering replacing them with a new flooring option. However, the purchase and installation of new floor materials can be quite expensive, whether you are doing this re-flooring indoors and outdoors. An easier way to revamp your floors would be opting for concrete polishing. Although the advantages of polished concrete are numerous, here are just a few reasons why every homeowner should consider polishing their concrete slab flooring. 

Visual appeal at an affordable price

Some people may presume that they would have to spend a pretty penny if they would like attractive flooring on their property. And although some of the more luxury materials such as marble can be quite expensive, you do not have to burn a hole through your wallet to have beautiful floors. Polished concrete offers a cost-efficient alternative for various reasons. For starters, you do not have to get your original flooring removed. Instead, the contractors will prep the concrete slabs and apply the epoxy coating, which means decreased labour costs. Secondly, since you are not installing the flooring from scratch, you do not have to pay for a large number of construction supplies. Overall, your floors get a transformation, and you have the chance to stick to your budget!

Eradication of concrete dust

Concrete dust is one of the major drawbacks to having concrete flooring. Despite the fact that concrete slab looing is durable, it is not immune to surface damage. Over time, heavy traffic and ageing will cause the surface to crumble steadily, and this manifests as dust since the concrete is breaking down into powder form. Thus, you find you have to be more rigorous with your cleaning and maintenance, as the dust can be especially aggravating indoors. Moreover, as the concrete slabs start to exhibit signs of dusting, it also means that the structure of the concrete will become susceptible to cracks. To remedy this, you should have your concrete slab flooring polished. The epoxy coating protects the surface of the concrete, which stops dusting in its tracks.

Increased energy efficiency

A surprising advantage of polished concrete is how it positively impacts the energy efficiency of your home. Once the floors are coated with the epoxy, they become highly reflective. Thus, they are capable of enhancing the natural illumination in the residence. This feature is excellent for homes that are typically engulfed in shadows, as you now minimise your dependence on electric lighting during the day.