Benefits of Metal Roofing for Tiny Homes in Cold Weather

28 December 2017
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One of the main reasons you may have decided to build a tiny home is for travel. This means travelling through various environments and dramatic climate changes. This is especially true if you plan on staying at a caravan site in colder environments. This means your materials and the choices of how you use those building materials, has to be on point for the weather conditions. One of the most important areas is your roof. If you are considering roofing materials, here are some benefits of metal roofing for your tiny home in the cold weather climate you are planning to visit.

Shedding of Snow

One of the reasons that metal roofing is ideal for tiny homes, especially ones in cold weather, is because the roofing is designed to shed off snow and ice. Keep in mind, your sleeping loft is directly under your roofing. If the snow and ice is not shed from the roofing, it can back into the roof trusses and into your sleeping area. A metal roof will allow the snow to slide off and shed down to the ground below. This reduces the chance of wood rot, mould, mildew, and roofing damage that can derail your entire tiny home experience.

Insulation of Heat

Keep in mind that your tiny home only uses a small heating system to heat the entire home. This may be a wall mounted heater in the living room space of the tiny home or a heating system somewhere else in the tiny home. Because your heating system is small, you want materials that will help insulate your tiny home from cold weather. Metal roofing will help keep the cold weather outside and insulate your tiny home to maintain the heat throughout the tiny home area. This reduces the amount of energy you need to expend in your heating system and can make a great deal of difference if you are off grid in a rustic caravan sight for the night or several days.

Heating Installation

Metal roofing allows for a step in your heating plan that other roofing may not. This step is to add heating coils and systems under the metal roofing itself. If this is something you are considering, your roofing contractor can help you with the metal roofing design and with placing the heating system and cables under the roofing to reduce the chance of losing heat in the cold weather conditions. This can be vital if you plan on visiting an extreme cold weather area where snow may ground you for several days to weeks.

Roofing contractors can help you with cutting, fitting, and applying the metal roofing you choose for your tiny home. Though your tiny home is a primarily DIY project, the roof is something you don't want to handle unless you have experience. For that reason, visit your roofing contractor regarding the metal roofing to find out your best options and pricing for your situation.