Are You in Danger of an Electrical Fire? Here Are the Three Signs to Watch Out For!

2 January 2018
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Whether your home is brand new or you've been living in a historic home for years, the electrical wiring is something that you should always monitor. Faulty electrical wiring can lead to electrical fires -- which means your home and your family's safety could be at risk if you don't know what to look out for. Here are the three signs that you might be in danger of an electrical fire. 

An Acrid Odour 

Is there a burning odour in your home, either sporadic or constant? The odds are high that there is a circuit problem. This is usually caused by old wiring that's wearing down, but it can also be caused by loose connections even with newer wiring. Whilst the source of the odour may be easy to spot -- for example, sometimes you'll notice discolouration in an electrical outlet -- there are many times when the wiring problem isn't localised to just one outlet. If the source of the burning odour isn't obvious, it's likely hidden within the walls. Don't take a chance on your safety or the safety of your home when you smell this acrid odour -- call an electrician straight away. 

Circuit Breakers Trip Continually

Whilst it's normal to have the odd circuit breaker trip from time to time, there's a serious problem if it happens continually. If your circuit breakers are tripping continually, it's a warning sign that you should pay attention to. When this happens, first make sure that you haven't overloaded a single circuit.If you have too many appliances plugged into a single outlet, redistribute appliances to different outlets to see if that corrects the problem. If lightening the circuit load doesn't correct the problem of constant circuit breaker tripping, you may have a bad circuit breaker or a short circuit in the home's wiring. Both problems should be corrected by an electrician straight away. 

You Shock Yourself

Should you experience an electric shock whilst flicking a light switch or whilst inserting a plug into an outlet, it's usually an indicator of frayed wiring. When wires become frayed, the circuit shorts out and causes a shock to you. Whilst the shock may be a small one, this must be taken seriously. One day, those frayed wires could ignite an electrical fire rather than just a shock. Therefore, contacting a local electrician for help is the best course of action. In the meanwhile, don't attempt to flick the switch or use the offending outlet again. 

If you've noticed any of the three signs above, your home could be at risk for electrical fire. Speak with one of the experienced electrical contractors in your area promptly for help!