3 considerations for picking a commercial painter

4 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A lick of paint here, a splash of colour there, it's amazing what a commercial painter can do to spruce up anything from office spaces to restaurants. With a low investment needed, painting can be a cost effective option for bringing a new lease of life to a property. Before you jump in and hire someone though, it's good to do some basic research and think about three key considerations. Remember, anyone can buy paint, but it takes a lot more skill to do the job properly.

Check your local state construction commission

A reputable commercial painter will want to make sure they have the latest knowledge of the construction industry and adhere to professional standards. Find out the details of your local building and construction authority or commission, and ask for a list of licenced contractors they recommend you use. While it may seem over the top that someone needs a licence to pick up a paintbrush, it can save you a huge amount of hassle in the long term.

Make sure they're insured correctly

A commercial painter will be operating in your place of business, maybe working at the same time as your staff and customers. It's very important therefore that they have the correct insurance should the worst happen. Especially in complex industrial environments a commercial painter could be operating near heavy machinery and knock something over disrupting your business. They should be insured for several key scenarios, first for any damage they do to your property, second, for any damage they do to third parties (i.e. you customers), and finally that their employees are covered should they be involved in an accident.

Cost, quality or time

While everyone wants a commercial painter to work as quickly as possible to the highest standard and the cheapest price, this is an impossible combination. A good rule of thumb is that a commercial painter will be able to achieve any two of the three - e.g. they can work quickly and cheaply, but that will sacrifice quality. To help you chose, think about the wider business implication. For example if you have a restaurant opening in a week's time it is probably worth spending more money to ensure that you can get the project completed on time. 

A good commercial painter will be able to understand your requirements and advise on the best balance to get the results you want on the project.