Choosing a Marina Builder—Three Questions You Need to Ask

29 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you're starting from scratch, expanding or just renovating your existing marina, choosing the right marina construction expert is a vital part of making your project a success. Sadly, not all marina builders are created equal, so here are the three major questions you need to ask before deciding which one is up to the job.

Can they fix a start and finish date?

Don't be tempted to rush ahead with the first marina construction firm that can give you a precise start date, especially if it's just a few days or a couple of weeks away. The best marina builders are in demand, so achieving a quality result usually requires at least a little patience. Similarly, once a start date is set, make sure you also agree on a strict work schedule and completion date, and insist that this is adhered to.

If your team of marina builders miss a deadline, ask for a proper explanation, and don't be afraid to take action if you are not completely satisfied with it. If the project is incomplete, it may be worth considering inviting another marina construction firm to quote on the remainder of the job. Another strategy is to include a financial penalty in your contract to give your contractor an incentive to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Have they completed a similar project before?

While no two marinas are the same, it always pays to assess your marina construction contractor's previous work. This will give you an opportunity to see for yourself the quality of finish your prospective marina builders are capable of, and to talk in person with previous clients. A candid chat with a fellow marina owner can reveal a great deal, and could save you valuable time and effort, not to mention money.

Do they offer a comprehensive follow-up service?

It goes without saying that you must only consider working with marina builders who are thoroughly insured against any issues which might arise from faulty materials or construction errors. But it is also essential to consider the follow-up service your contractor will be able to offer. A well-established marina construction firm is more likely to still be in business a few years or more down the line, so you can call on them again should you want to update or expand your marina. Repeat custom is invaluable to any business, so there's a good chance that they will want to incentivise you to take advantage of this by offering preferential rates for any additional work.