Why You Should Build a Home Over Buying an Old Property

30 April 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Finally getting the opportunity to buy your own home is a dream that most people aspire to. Hence, it is an exciting prospect as you scour different neighbourhoods for what you have in mind. However, one thing not many people talk about during this house hunting stage is that chances are you will not find a property that fits the bill as your dream home. Granted, you will come across numerous properties that check some of the boxes on your must-have list.

Nevertheless, no property is perfect, and you will find that older properties either do not cut it or are way above your budget. Rather than break the bank when purchasing your first home, you should consider investing your money in a new home build. The following are just a few compelling reasons why you should build a home instead of purchase an older property.

You get to build a home guided by your intrinsic style

Incontrovertibly, the most prominent advantage of getting to build a home is the fact you have free reign on how you want to customise your space. For starters, you get the opportunity to select a neighbourhood based on the social amenities that are of most importance to your as well as in accordance with your budget. Secondly, you get to include all the additions that will facilitate a comfortable lifestyle. From disability ramps to a luxurious hot tub, you have the freedom of choice. Lastly, if you have plans to grow your family, you get the chance to include as many rooms as you would like and even utilise them as multifunctional spaces for the time being.

You get to build a home that is eco-friendly

In recent years, building codes have become particularly strict when it comes to environmentally friendly construction. Thus, a surprise drawback you may be unaware of when it comes to purchasing a pre-built home is that you may have to embark on extensive renovations to make sure your property meets the new energy codes. Rather than paying extra for a remodel, it is fiscally more advantageous to choose to build a home from scratch, instead. Firstly, you get the opportunity to select green building supplies that will ensure your home does not contribute to environmental degradation. Secondly, you can retrofit the property with systems that have improved technology and smart ratings, which work to decrease the energy consumption of your home. Lastly, installation of thermal resistant windows and the latest insulation technology will also maximise on energy conservation.