Protecting Your Home From Storm Damage

25 September 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Every year, Australia is battered by extreme weather which can cause significant damage to property. Tropical storms can bring high winds, hail and heavy rain, which can result in flooding and damage to roofing. Below is a guide to some of the steps you can make to your home to ensure that it is protected from the next big storm.

Install a stormwater drain

Tropical downpours can lead to an extremely large amount of rain falling in a very short amount of time. When this occurs, the regular drainage system on your property may not be able to cope. If the drainage system is overwhelmed, the rainwater will begin to collect and back up, leading to localised flooding. Drains which have been overwhelmed by rainwater may also become contaminated with sewage water which could present a health hazard. The solution to this issue is to install a stormwater drainage system on your property. Stormwater drains have a much larger capacity than standard drains, which means that they can cope with large amounts of rainfall and will direct it away from your home. A construction company will be able to work with you to design and install stormwater drainage.

Construct a storage shed

Items being blown around your large can cause damage if they strike your home. By constructing a shed in your garden, you can safely store items such as chairs, tables and sunshades when a storm is approaching.

Install toughened glass

During extreme weather, hail may become very large. Large hail is a result of pieces of ice circulating in the storm cloud before they fall to earth. As the small pieces of ice move around inside the cloud, they collect moisture which then freezes and increases the size of the hailstone. Large pieces of hail can crack or even smash glass windows. To prevent this type of damage, you should consider having toughened glass installed in your home. Toughened glass is heated and rapidly cooled several times. Doing this helps to improve the structural strength of the glass.

Have your roof inspected

Before the storm season starts, you should ask a local construction company to inspect the roof space on your property. A contractor will be able to make sure that the roof is in excellent condition and that it isn't missing any tiles. Missing tiles could allow water to enter the roof space in your home where it could cause significant damage.

If you would like more information, you should contact a construction company today.