Tips to Ensure that Your Directional Drilling Equipment Operates at Maximum Efficiency

25 October 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Directional drilling has become popular because it allows building contractors and engineers to perform tasks such as the installation of pipes, cables and conduits without creating a lot of mess on the surface. For directional drilling to be successful, you need to ensure that all the tools are in perfect working condition before you start operations. Here are the most important tips that can help you enhance the efficiency of your directional drilling tools.

Study the condition of the ground

Start the process by studying the state of the land very closely. It will be close to impossible to achieve anything in drilling if the equipment is not well-suited for the ground conditions. When the conditions on the ground are clear, you will manage to choose the right tooling and fluids for a quick and efficient directional boring process. 

Training the drill operators

An assumption that many drillers make is that all the people lined up to operate the drill are qualified for the job. People who are not adequately trained to handle a drilling job will not know the correct way to control the tools involved, and they might make mistakes such as going beyond the drill limits or bending the pipes and at times, even ruining them completely. When you train the drill operators, these destructive mistakes will not happen, and the process will be comfortable and stress-free.

Insist on the right drilling techniques

Excellent drilling can only be accomplished when the drillers understand all the recommended methods for the job. The methods include the following:

  1. The drill pipe should be rotated throughout the drilling procedure to ensure that it wears out evenly. You are not required to buy an expensive pipe as long as you keep it serviceable.
  2. Always use drilling fluid in all procedures. When drilling fluid is not used in the process, friction starts eating away at the parts, and eventually, they might become impossible to operate with, prompting you to get a replacement part. Drilling fluid also ensures that the job is completed within the set time limits.
  3. Use water from a trusted source for the make-up process.

Those are the techniques to use to ensure directional drilling procedures are carried out simply and straightforwardly. Ensure that you have an expert on the ground throughout the process so they can ensure that any potential damage which could occur is prevented beforehand. For more information, get in touch with a directional drilling hire company.