It's Time To Upgrade Your Lawn Mower

22 May 2019
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Millions of Australians across the country take a measure of pride in how they present their garden. From well-kept rose gardens to expertly manicured trees, there is nothing quite like a garden that is loved by its owner. Arguably more important than any other feature of the garden is the lawn, as for most people, this takes up the bulk of their property. An unkempt lawn can ruin all the work you have put in in other areas of your back and front garden and make it look unorganised. While most people already have a lawn mower, there has never been a better time than now to upgrade.

What's Wrong With Old Lawn Mowers?

As with any other area of technology, lawn mowers have advanced at breakneck speed, which has meant that older models have been left almost obsolete in comparison. From high fuel consumption to lesser build quality and an overall lack of power, older lawn mowers have all the signs of a relic stuck in the past. Now some people are perfectly happy to continue to use them, but what they don't understand is that often the price of maintaining an old lawn mower, with its constant repairs and high fuel usage, can outweigh the cost of a new model. Older lawn mowers served their purpose, and now it is simply time to move on.

New Features Of Lawn Mowers

While the overarching purpose of lawn mowers has never changed, the way new models go about it has. Here are some features you can find on new lawn mowers:

Electric battery: Electric lawn mowers are generally just as powerful as fuel-powered lawn mowers, and their ongoing cost is far less. They also are generally much quieter, allowing you to do work on your lawn much later and still not disturb your neighbours.

Better construction: Over time, companies have found ways to increase the strength of the blades, engine and general chassis. 

Easier accessories: With older lawn mowers, taking off the collection bag and emptying the grass could be quite a finicky procedure. Newer models have streamlined the design.

The Perfect Gift

Lawn mowers are the perfect gift for someone in your family who is known as a green thumb and who would never think about getting a new one themselves. See their face light up when they realise that you recognised their passion for gardening and are trying to make their lives easier. If you are stuck for what to get them and have bought all the other gardening tools under the sun, then you can make it a special occasion and get them a brand-new lawn mower.