3 Top Display Tips for Retail Shop Fitting

19 June 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When most business owners hire a retail shop-fitting contractor, they might not know that the contractor's work has a direct impact on the arrangement of products or general layout of the store. As a contractor, therefore, your objective is to design a set-up that enhances your client's retail store performance. However, this is only possible if you design and place fittings in a manner that offers convenience to customers when shopping. This article highlights some of the most critical facets of an effective retail shop display. 


According to retail experts, retailers stand a better chance of increasing the value of a product if they display the accessories next to it. It is referred to as cross-selling, and it involves enticing a customer to buy the main item as well as its accessories. As a contractor, therefore, you should use the information to create a retail display that allows your clients to display a product's accessories in a customer's line of vision. For example, when installing display fittings for a beachwear retail store, install a platform for the mannequin next to it and a glass wall for accessories such as beach bags, sunscreen and sunglasses. 

Front-Store Display Centrepiece 

In retail selling, drawing customers into the store is the first step and arguably the most challenging. While retailers play an integral role in making this possible, it all starts with the kind of work that a shop-fitting contractor delivers. Making a front-store display a centrepiece will easily capture the attention of customers and draw them in. For instance, you can fit LED lighting to create a calming but welcoming effect in the front-store display. However, your layout should avoid too many fittings that encourage a retailer to place too many items in the front-store display. As a general rule, the front display should only permit a few essential items to draw customers into the store. 

Homely Organization

If your retail shop fitting client sells home products such as décor, then installing display fittings that transform the retail space into a homely environment works wonders. A homely display conveys the message that a retailer cares about the customer's comfort. Besides, for a store that sells high-end curtains, you should install a dummy room with fully installed windows and a door. As customers go through the store, they do not have to create a mental picture of how the curtain will look like in their home because the retailer has provided a physical dummy room in the store.