Signs That You Should Repair Your Gearbox

27 November 2019
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The gearbox plays an essential role in the power transmission of a vehicle. It is also one of the most expensive parts whose damage can cause fatal impacts. For this reason, you should always ensure that the gearbox is healthy to prevent future problems and expenses. Here is a simple guide of the deadly warning signs which imply your gearbox is at fault.

Slipping gears

A normal gear should remain in its position until you select it. So, when one of the gears starts to slip and move on its own, it is evident that your gearbox has a severe issue. Slipping gears are very dangerous as they can make it impossible to control the car and probably cause an accident. Look for a gearbox repairs expert to examine the slipping gears.

Shaking or unresponsive gears

There is a difference in which automatic and manual transmissions react when there is a problem. In a manual car, the non-responsive gears imply that the clutch is at fault, or there could be another serious issue. Since the automatic cars do not have the clutch, the shaking or unresponsive gears imply other problems in the gearbox, which only a gearbox repairs professional can identify.

Burning smell

A foul burning smell from your car is a warning sign that all is not well. The scent could indicate many things, and one of them could be that the gearbox oil is burning. When the burning combines with other faults in power transmission, a continuous leakage could lead to severe problems. So, turn off your car immediately and take the vehicle to the nearest gearbox repairs service if it starts to emit a burning smell.

Fluid leak

All the parts of a car transmission system are usually sealed, meaning they should never leak. So, if you start to notice some leakage spots on the floor, place cardboard in the area to observe the colour of the fluid. If the transmission fluid is leaking, the colour of the liquid will be brown or dark red. The best solution to a leaking transmission fluid is to seek the help of a professional. The expert will investigate the cracks causing the leaks and give you a piece of sensible advice on how to repair the gearbox.

Do not hesitate to take your car for gearbox repair and maintenance if you notice any of the above signs. Besides, do not ignore any unusual change in your vehicle. A small sign can be harmful to your health and can also cause costly replacements. Look for a local shop that provides gearbox repairs