Why Use a Local Residential Drafting Service?

5 February 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You can draft professional plans for your new home in various ways. Your architect may offer a drafting service or you can use a specialist drafter.

In some cases, people use overseas companies to do this job. After all, plans harness technology such as CAD design that can be created remotely; you can communicate with your drafter online or over the phone.

While it may initially seem cheaper to outsource the job to a different country, this has other costs that could negatively affect your project. Why should you deal with a local drafting service instead?

Better Communication

If you hire an overseas drafting company, then you might run into various communication issues. For example, on a simple level, you have to juggle time zone differences.

Your drafter's working hours may be different from yours. They send you a message; you have to wait for your working day to start to reply. At this point, their working day might be done.

This doesn't give you a smooth communication process. You could have more project delays if you can't resolve issues quickly.

Plus, you may have language difficulties. If your drafter's English isn't so good and you don't speak their language, then you'll find communication hard. You're more likely to have errors in your plans if you have a situation where one of you doesn't understand the other.

Also, you can't physically visit their offices if there is a problem. You have to rely on phone calls, messaging and emails. If they slip under the radar and stop responding, there isn't a lot you can do.

If you hire a local drafter, then you eliminate these problems. The company is available at times to suit you and you shouldn't have communication errors. You can visit them and they can visit you on-site if necessary.

Better Understanding of Planning Issues

An experienced drafter doesn't just turn your ideas into tangible plans. They also ensure that your plans are viable and that they meet all relevant legal controls and regulations.

While overseas drafters may know the basics, they may not have the depth of residential building construction knowledge you need. For example, they may not know the finer details of local planning issues that come from your own council.

A local drafting service understands the Australian building system at a national and local level. They can keep you compliant.

To find out more, contact residential drafting services in your area and ask how they can help you plan your new home.