Building a New Home That is Best for Your Current (and Future) Family Members

25 March 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Family planning can also involve real estate. Whether your first child's arrival is imminent or the latest addition to your family has already appeared (and you plan for there to be more), you're going to need more room. Your kids will need their own space, both inside and outside, and what about when they start bugging you for a dog? If you've been considering building your own home, your new living space should be designed with your growing family in mind. You want something that will be versatile and can easily accommodate your family's needs. Most home builders have plans that are customisable, so it's really just a matter of making sure you select the most appropriate features for your family's intended new members. What should you be looking for?

Multiple, Adaptable Rooms

It's a given that you will need spaces that can be pressed into service as bedrooms when your children are old enough to need their own space. Multiple bedrooms in a building plan are generally the norm and prevent your children from having to share a bedroom. That spare space won't need to simply wait for an occupant either. You can easily have a study or workroom that can transition to a bedroom when the time comes. It's better to opt for more space now, rather than not have enough when your family grows. 

An Open Plan

Open-plan living is the way to go when you have young children. Your kids can do their own thing with their own physical space, and the open plan will allow you to keep an eye on them from the kitchen or while you're simply sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee. A large open floor plan in the central area of the dwelling promotes togetherness while also allowing everyone to have their own space.

The Laundry Space

Some laundry spaces in contemporary homes barely seem up to the job and are little more than wardrobes. Kids are messy, and the laundry room will be kept busy. Make sure that your new home has a dedicated laundry room that can accommodate both the necessary equipment while also having space to sort, fold and iron clothes. Be mindful that the laundry room isn't the next room over from any of your children's bedrooms. The noise can be potentially disruptive to their sleep.

Bathrooms with Bathtubs

Don't be tempted to forgo a bathroom (or, more accurately, bathrooms) with a bathtub. Smaller children will need to be bathed in an actual bath, and this cannot be easily achieved in a shower-only setup. 

Building a new home with enough space to accommodate your family (both current and future members) isn't just about the physical size of the space, but it's also about using that space wisely.