Are You Thinking About Finishing the External Side to Your House? Here Are Three Reasons to Try Cladding

17 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Cladding is not always visible from afar, but it is an external protection which most buildings carry in one form or the other. Cladding is the act of installing an additional layer of material on an already existing structure. It is done for functional and aesthetic reasons. Some of the most commonly used materials to make cladding include brick, wood, vinyl and cement. If you are thinking about changing the way your house looks and you have several options on your plate, here are three main reasons to consider external cladding

You Get a Variety of Materials

The external appearance of the house changes a lot when you add cladding to it. The structure will be pleasant to look at, and the value of your house will go up. If you think there is a possibility you will need to sell the house in the future, getting cladding will improve the chances of it selling well. Cladding is also available in a variety of materials, colours and textures, and you get to choose the one which blends in with the rest of the architecture. If you are thinking about brick cladding, you have white, rustic, white stone and vintage options. You will pick the option which agrees the best with the rest of your external surroundings.


Some construction materials add a maintenance burden to you when you use them. For instance, wood is amazing as a wall material, but you need to seal, paint and treat it often to keep away damages from ants, aphids and other pests. You also need to protect it from water and moisture damage, which leads to rotting. To avoid all this constant maintenance work, which costs you time and money, think about also getting cladding. A house with vinyl cladding, for example, will only need to be washed or hosed down once every two years.

Protecting the Structure

A lot of irreparable damage can affect structures that are left exposed to the elements of the weather such as the sun, wind, water and ice. Cladding material usually withstands these elements better. When you invest in cladding, you are protecting the structural integrity of your house.

Other reasons to install cladding include that it will enhance insulation to your building and increase the life of your house. It is advisable to contact an experienced contractor to advise you on the best cladding options for you.