How the Strata Subdivision Surveyor Will Help You With Land Subdivision

12 August 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Land subdivision is the most crucial part of the land development process. When the subdivision is not done properly, it leaves the possibility of boundary and other surveillance problems showing up later on, which might lead to the demolition of already established structures, lawsuits and other losses. 

As a property developer, you should always ensure that you engage a competent surveyor from the start of the survey process to the time when you get the land subdivision title and all the permits needed to establish your choice of property. 

Here are three processes where you will need the guidance of a strata subdivision surveyor.

Assisting With the Planning Process

Planning is the first part of the property subdivision process. Here, the surveyor carries out a site survey and prepares an application to be handed in to the state planning commission. For example, if you are located in Perth, they will hand over the plan to the Western Australian Planning Commission. The commissions generally take three months to approve a plan. The responsibility of the commission is to investigate the location of the land, assess it, and determine how it can be utilised to its maximum potential. 

Organising the Actual Survey Process

After the approval by the planning commission, you will also need the surveyor to help with the field survey. The survey process aims to subdivide the lot. It is the role of experts to handle calculations in the office and create a strata plan. The strata plan shows the boundary between the new lots and the common property. After this step, the surveyor will engage a valuer to assess the lot and give an entitlement for every strata lot. When these conditions have been met, the surveyor will help you make clearance requests for various planning commission conditions.

Getting the Title

After the planning, the survey process, and the actual land subdivision process, the surveyor is allowed to make an application for new titles. The process of applying for new titles needs to be handled with a lot of care because mistakes in the documentation could mean delays in getting the title. At this stage, you can ask for the additional guidance of a settlement agent or get a surveyor who understands settlements to make this process simpler for you.

These are the three crucial roles that the surveyor plays in the land subdivision process. It is advisable to always take time and pick a surveyor who is well-versed with the process for the best results.