Purchasing Land? Why You Need to Know Precisely What You're Working with Before You Can Develop

15 September 2020
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If you want to develop a significant plot of land, you will first need to figure out exactly what you're dealing with. You may already have some rudimentary measurements, but if you're going to make the best use of this opportunity, you need to be very accurate and use the best equipment possible. As you choose your contractors, what type of equipment should you be on the lookout for?

High Accuracy

The good news is that this type of work is far less demanding than it used to be. Your contractors will be able to utilise the latest technology that combines the traditional approach with up-to-date options.

Old Plus New

For example, they may bring in a multipurpose station that combines an electronic distance meter with the modern-day version of the theodolite. This latter gadget will measure the vertical and horizontal angles as they relate to the set angle. The electronic distance meter will then use a laser to bounce off distant objects, measure the time that it takes to do so and then record the data.

Laser Distance

Some of this equipment is groundbreaking. In the past, a laser would rely on a very specific piece of equipment in the form of a prism to reflect the laser back to base. Now, however, the technician can use any particular far-off object, such as a tree or even an overhead power line, without needing to go anywhere near it in the first place.

GPS Readings

While this type of equipment is good for many different types of job, it is not always the perfect solution. Don't be surprised, therefore, if the contractor chooses to use GPS technology as well. In this case, they will work with satellites to figure out given coordinates, and they will then combine this data with readings from the first machine to develop three-dimensional digital models of the terrain.

Drones to the Rescue

Of course, sometimes the land in question will be heavily overgrown, with mature trees in the way. This may make it difficult to use the original tool and even the GPS, as vertical and horizontal lines of sight may be impaired. In this case, the contractor may bring in a drone to fly above the obstructions and gather some of the data that way.

Choosing Wisely

Remember, you need highly accurate data if you're going to take full advantage of your purchase. Make sure that you work with contractors that only use the latest and most varied technology.

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