How Can Directional Drilling Services Add Value to Your Contracting Business?

12 November 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have been contracted to lay fibre optics cables but there is a big hitch and the cables have to go across a city highway, do you close the road and dig a trench across it? This is where you need directional drilling services. Instead of cutting a trench across the highway, directional drilling will drill a hole underneath it.

Contracting businesses tasked with laying cables and piping can use directional drilling to add value to their contracts in several ways.

Fewer Permits Required 

Contractors in urban areas have to obtain multiple permits to allow them to disrupt traffic or make excavations. Directional drilling services are helpful if your contract is touching different infrastructure or installations where you need permits for disruptions. They could be roads or public buildings. You will not be causing any disruptions to regular activity. 

Lower Project Costs 

Project costs can be very high if you have to demolish structures. The options are to compensate the owners or rebuild these structures. The alternative is to find roundabout routes. It raises project costs significantly if you have to do this for several structures. Directional drilling services help avoid these costs by drilling under structures or installations. The drilling right permits will be significantly lower than these costs. 

Shorter Project Timelines 

Trenching is a laborious and slow task. There are further delays that come from permits, demolitions, and reconstruction. Directional drilling is quicker since you are boring a tunnel in the shortest path available. It can shorten project delivery time significantly. This will boost the business profile and trustworthiness because of the timely delivery.

Less Environmental Damage

Residents and authorities alike are increasingly sensitive to projects that cause environmental damage. Trenching is disruptive to the aesthetic value of a landscape. A project can meet public resistance if it has to demolish historical buildings or dig up valued areas like children's parks. Directional drilling services are less damaging and disruptive to the landscape, making a project acceptable.

Higher Safety Standards 

Directional drilling services employ less equipment and manpower than trenching. There are no workmen with compressors on site. It reduces workplace risks, both to the working crew and the public at large. The contractor does not have to incur high insurance premiums.

Directional boring services can significantly change project costs and delivery timelines. It will help contractors in Australia change their business prospects with better margins and brand trust.