What You Should Know About Removing a Tree Close to Your House

31 July 2018
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People have trees removed for lots of different reasons, but they normally boil down to the tree either being hazardous or inconvenient. This could be because the tree is damaged, because it's growing in a dangerous way, or simply because you want to free up outdoor space for landscaping. Sometimes a tree is growing too close to your house, and that causes several problems in itself. Branches might be worryingly close to windows and guttering, or the tree could be blocking your views. Read More 

Benefits of Metal Roofing for Tiny Homes in Cold Weather

28 December 2017
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One of the main reasons you may have decided to build a tiny home is for travel. This means travelling through various environments and dramatic climate changes. This is especially true if you plan on staying at a caravan site in colder environments. This means your materials and the choices of how you use those building materials, has to be on point for the weather conditions. One of the most important areas is your roof. Read More 

How to Maintain Your Home’s Plumbing

20 December 2017
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Many homeowners don't think about their home's plumbing system until there is a water leak, clog, or other such issue, but maintaining that plumbing system before there is a plumbing emergency will mean far fewer clogs and leaks, and fewer repair bills over time. This can also mean avoiding wasted water because of those leaks, and the risk of mould or mildew that develops around leaking or sweating pipes. Note a few tips on how to actually maintain your home's plumbing so pipes and other fixtures are always in good repair, and so you avoid as many plumbing emergencies as possible in your home. Read More 

Would Roller Shutters Be More Advantageous Than French Doors?

19 December 2017
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French doors have been a favourite aesthetic for Australian homes as they allow maximum light into the house, forging the appearance of indoor-outdoor living. Nonetheless, French doors do have a few drawbacks to your home. Thus, if you would like to install new doors leading out to your balcony or backyard, you may want to consider roller shutters. Read on for reasons why roller shutters could be more advantageous to your residence as compared to French doors. Read More 

Skip Bin Hire: Preventing and Dealing with Problems Caused By Possums

14 December 2017
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While the possum is a truly Australian animal which can inspire joy as they move across the tree canopy, they can also cause a lot of problems when they get into your skip bin. Possums are drawn to skip bins which contain food waste as they provide an easy meal. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about the steps you can take to prevent possums from entering your bin and the what you need to do if you discover one has already gained entry. Read More